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Derrick Robert William Nicholas

Born in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales in 1951

Moved to Oxford in 1960. I have also  lived in Wallingford and Abingdon before emigrating to Perth, Western Australia with my family in November 1986.

Worked in the Printing Industry since 1967 with an eighteen month stint in Taif, Saudia Arabia 1977-79.  

Have played Football, Cricket and Lawn Bowls,. Qualified as a Football Coach and referee.

Started Ballroom dancing in the late 1990's and wished I had started at a younger age. Love the freedom of Street Latin as well as the joys in traditional ballroom both Modern and Latin.


Have had private lessons in composition and  I am excited to be able to create some works thanks to modern technology.

Ideas that have been inside my head for years can thankfully escape into sounds that (I Hope) will be enjoyed by fans worldwide.


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