Ballroom Electronica Vol 2:

Electronically Created Music for the Ballroom in Strict Tempo:

With a Classical Flavour

Album with 12 Tracks




Tango No 3 'Repeat After Me'

Rumba No 4 'Hint of Sonata'

Waltz No 6 'Ragamuffin'

Salsa No 4 'Rushing to Nowhere'

Rumba No 3 'Celestial Glass'

Quickstep No 2 'Staccato Stepping'

Foxtrot No 4 'Night Shadows'

Waltz No 5 'Crystal Clear'

Salsa No 3 'Dissonant Ghatam'

Foxtrot No 3 'Faux Fantaisie'

Quickstep No 1 'On the Move'

Merengue No 3 'Havana Bells'