Ballroom Electronica:

Electronically Created Music for the Ballroom in Strict Tempo:

With a Classical Twist

Album with 14 Tracks 




Tango No 1 'Rumbling Echoes'

Waltz No 1 'Sunrise'

Rumba No 1 'Temperamental Pulses'

Foxtrot No 1 'Rise and Fall'

Waltz No 2 'Glide and Sweep'

Salsa No 1 'All Join In'

Rumba No 2 'Just the Two of Us'

Salsa No 2 'Acentricity'

Waltz No 3 'Wandering Arpeggio'

Tango No 2 'Dark Funk'

Foxtrot No 2 'Attitude Jazz'

Waltz No 4 'Mystic Melancholy'

Merengue No 1 'Restless Agitation'

Merengue No 2 ' Acidic Pizzicato'

Includes the two Singles: